World Immunisation Week #VaccinesWork

24th April 2017

Today is the start of World Immunisation Week, a week to raise awareness of the power of vaccines.

Vaccines are one of the most effective healthcare interventions ever created. Between 2010 and 2015 vaccines have prevented at least 10 million deaths. And yet one in five children worldwide are still not vaccinated against common childhood diseases. In 2015, almost half of all deaths of children under 5 across the world are due to preventable infectious diseases.

We are working to change this.

Since Comic Relief began, we have helped over three million children in Africa receive life-saving vaccines. Our funding supports the delivery of a combination of vaccines. These include vaccines against five common childhood diseases, as well as other diseases such as rotavirus and pneumonia, which are leading causes of deaths in children under five.

Elizabeth’s story - Ghana

“When I was a child, I was told I was always getting sick. I had measles and I know that was because I didn’t have the preventative vaccine. That is why I got it.”

Elizabeth didn’t have access to basic childhood vaccinations to prevent her from catching diseases.

Comic Relief has been funding the GAVI Alliance since 2012, helping the organisation to ensure children receive life-saving vaccines. As a result of these efforts, childhood vaccinations are now widely accessible in countries like Ghana, and mothers like Elizabeth are able to immunise their children from birth.

“The vaccinations prevent them from getting diseases, so they have helped me and my children a lot. It prevents the children from getting sick easily. There used to be some terrible diseases, but now you can immunise against them. None of my children are suffering, so I know that the injections are good."

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