Comic Relief’s vision is A Just World Free From Poverty, where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Here in the UK and all over the world, millions of people continue to live incredibly tough lives. We focus our support to ensure everyone is:


Everyone has the right to live free from violence, abuse, neglect and fear.


Everyone should have access to essential services and support which ensure physical and emotional wellbeing.


Everyone is entitled to good quality learning that gives them skills and confidence to face the future with hope.


Everyone has the confidence, voice and opportunity to lead the lives they choose.

What we do

We put people at the heart of our grant making. This means working in partnership with people and organisations to create solutions to challenges together. Our strategy connects our UK and international work and will sit under the Global Goals for sustainable development, which challenges governments, companies and communities to respond urgently to poverty and inequality.

We will allocate funding under four programme areas:


Investing in children and young people
to be ready for the future.
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Empowering women and girls
so they're safe and free to lead the lives they choose.
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Improving health and wellbeing
of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.
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Building stronger communities
in areas of disadvantage, deprivation and poverty.
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Where we help

Of all the money raised by the public each year, we spend 40%-50% helping people right here in the UK. The rest is spent internationally, with a focus on supporting people in Africa, although we also fund projects in Asia, Latin America and beyond.

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How we make grants

Every grant we make goes through a rigorous process, so we can make sure we are funding the great organisations which will have the greatest impact.

To respond to an ever changing world, we need to be agile and flexible, to allow us to respond quickly and get funding to where it is needed.

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Funding Initiatives page

See what we are looking to fund and whether you can apply.

Make your proposal

This could be through a concept note, video, application form or something else depending on the initiative.

Proposal review

We'll contact you to find out about your organisation and your project, and do due diligence checks.


Our Grants Committees, comprising independent sector experts, and our Trustee Board, review for approval.


We'll let you know the outcome. If approved, your grant will begin.

Monitoring, evaluation learning

We work with you to monitor progress, helping us and others improve.

How change happens

Comic Relief primarily makes grants to create long term change, to help us achieve a world where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Below are some of the approaches and areas of focus where we believe change can be most effective.

Comic Relief passionately believes that both sport and the digital world, have the power to transform people’s lives. We have pioneered Sport for Change and a Tech for Good programme, and use them in our grant making to help us achieve social change.

We also believe that, in making change happen, the following are crucial:

Voice, influence and agency - we fund work that helps people develop the self-confidence, voice and skills to take control of decisions affecting their lives. Whether that’s ensuring health services meet local needs, trying to leave a dangerous or abusive situation, or encouraging whole communities to come together to create change.

Services and resources - we help people understand what resources and services are available to them. We fund projects that help people to access these services and overcome any barriers they may face.

Policy, attitudes, values and culture - we fund work that challenges policies, behaviours and cultural values which discriminate against specific groups of people.

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